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August 2019: “Cal/OSHA gets a new Chief (finally!) – Welcome to Doug Parker,” Garrett Brown, August 16, 2019

July 2019: “Cal/OSHA riddled with vacancies at start of new state fiscal year,” Garrett Brown, July 17, 2019

June 2019

April 2019

March 2018: Garrett Brown, “Cal/OSHA’s disappearing field inspector positions; What the California Legislature gives, the Brown Administration takes away,” The Pump Handle

September 2017: Garrett Brown, “Cal/OSHA’s disappearing funds – where’s the money?,” The Pump Handle

September 2017: Garrett Brown, “Worker protection or deregulation? The moment of truth for EHS,” Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

September 2017: Kim Krisberg and Celeste Monforton, “The Year in U.S. Occupational Health & Safety; Fall 2016 – Summer 2017”

August 2017: RAND Corporation, “Working Conditions in the United States; Results of the 2015 American Working Conditions survey”

July 2017: Garrett Brown, “California work fatalities and injuries on the rise while millions of dollars of enforcement resources are left ‘sitting on the table’,” The Pump Handle

July 2017: Garrett Brown, “’Refinery Town’ points the way forward to protect communities and defend rights,” New Solutions

June 2017: Garrett Brown, “A well-known secret: The ‘reverse business case’ threatens worker health and safety,” The Pump Handle

March 2017: Garrett Brown, “Labor-Enviro-Community coalition wins stronger California oil refinery regulations and showcases a winning strategy for worker and community health”

February 2017: Garrett Brown and Deeg Gold, “A strategic response to Trump’s ‘ripping off the Band-Aid’ to workers’ health and safety: Defense of the status quo ante is not enough”

January 2017: Garrett Brown, “Refinery Town” points the way forward to protect communities and defend rights

August 2016: Garrett Brown, “Federal oversight of Cal/OSHA – What is it good for?”

August 2016: Garrett Brown, “Cherry-Picked Data Hides the Toll of Work Injuries in California”

August 2015: Garrett Brown, Letter to the Editor of the Cal/OSHA Reporter

July 2015: Garrett Brown, “DIR Responds to Fed OSHA’s letter on the PEER CASPA”

June 2015: Garrett Brown “Two Questions about the DIR BCP”

May 2015: Garrett Brown, “Latino worker deaths jump in California”

March 2015: Garrett Brown, “Message to Cal/OSHA Advisory Committee

January 2015: Garrett Brown, “Initial Analysis: DIR’s Budget Change Proposal for Cal/OSHA for California State Fiscal Year 2015/16”

January 2015

October 2014: Garrett Brown, “New laws and regs – Great! But who will enforce them?”

September 2014: Garrett Brown, “One Year After the Coup: Who’s running the show?”

August 2014: Garrett Brown and anonymous DOSH employees

Productivity-response-#1    Productivity-response-#2

July 2014: Garrett Brown, “DIR’s Micro-Managing and Open Door for Political Favoritism”

June 2014: Garrett Brown, “Witness to a Coup”

May 2014: Garrett Brown, “Why you should care about Cal/OSHA

April 2014: Garrett Brown, “DIR’s budget shell game”

March 2014: Jack Oudiz, “DOSH: Death by a thousand cuts”